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Alternative Shielding Products




Floor Shields

Blankets are a versatile shielding medium that is used in a variety of applications.  These blankets are a extremely flexible yet durable product.  They can be sized to meet specific dimension and attenuation needs and are also available in several standard size and densities.

  • Grommets placed per specification
  • HerculiteTM covering (optional)
  • Custom sizes and weights available

Floor Shields are designed for large area floor shielding needs and provide both shielding and safety benefits, including:

  • Designed to meet your work area shielding and stress-relief needs
  • Constructed to be extremely durable
  • Slip Resistant design increases worker safety
  • Custom sizes and weights available

Tape Shielding


Pipe Shields

Tape wrap is designed to provide quick installation of shielding on difficult to shield components and areas with space limitations or other restrictive parameters.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Highly flexible, easy to use design
  • Field adjustable (easily cut)
  • Custom sizes and lengths available
  • Convenient quick deployment tool to have on hand for emergent “hot spots”

Pipe shields are designed to provide maximum shielding and to meet typical weight limitations on piping without additional engineering evaluations.

  • Snap-on flexible pre-molded design
  • Available in standard sizes from ¾” NPS to 8” NPS (20 DN to 200 DN)
  • Interlocking design eliminates “streaming”
  • Maximum weight per section is limited to 50 pounds for ease of installation and handling
  • Custom sizes and lengths available

Magnetic and Custom Shielding


Neutron/Gamma Shielding

Shapes and sizes customized to your unique specifications and can be molded to fit any shape.

  • Valve Bodies, Pipe Tee’s and Elbows
  • Wye’s, Unions, Flanges, Drain Traps
  • Filter Housings, Heat Exchangers
  • Shielding can incorporate mechanical fasteners, magnets and rigid supports

Flexible neutron shields have applications for areas that need high temperature resistance, difficult geometry and limited space.  A typical use for this shielding is in dry fuel storage (IFSFI) loading activities.

  • Shapes and sizes customized to your unique specifications
  • Shielding can be molded to fit any shape