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Frisking Booths

  The Standard Frisking Booth is constructed of 1/4" - 3" thick lead sheet panels encased in epoxy painted carbon steel. Cable penetrations are fitted with caps to prevent streaming. The booth can be shipped as an assembled unit, or disassembled for assembly on-site.

  The Shielded Frisking Booth is a welded one piece construction. It is also available in lead (1/4"- 2" thick) encased carbon steel  painted with epoxy. The panels are cap screwed into the deck as well as bolted together, and the ramps move up and down. The roof is optional. The booth is movable by both forklift and crane, and comes pre-assembled or on pallets for assembly on-site.

  The PCM Shielded Frisking Booth is a welded one piece, epoxy coated, carbon steel construction with internal shield walls on either side of the entrance that pivot to allow for maintenance. The booth is primed and painted and has a 3' wide x 3’ 6” x 7’ high shielded area with a shielding thicknesses of ½ to 3” steel. It features a 304 stainless steel shelf for a portable monitor and service ports as required (not pictured). The booth has a 115vac receptacle and a single point electrical connection (not pictured). It also has a light with a light switch (not pictured). The booth is movable by both forklift and crane.

  The Lead Wool Blanket Frisking Booth offers the conveniences of portability and adaptability. Shielding attenuation can be regulated by the installation of standard 1' x 4' Lead Wool Blankets in the areas of interest. The booth frame can be easily handled when no lead wool blankets are installed. The booth sections are of welded construction.  The sections are bolted together to form the booth. The structural steel frame is epoxy coated or powder coated. Blanket support rods, spaced every 4”, are located at two levels to support the blankets. The blanket walls can be 1 to 4 layers thick. Blankets can be laid on the top frame section to create a shielded ceiling. The standard booth measures 36" wide x 48" deep x 96" high and can be disassembled for storage.