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Two Station Frisker Booth



For outdoor use.

The welded, epoxy-coated, carbon steel Two Station Frisker Booth is 6' 6" wide x 11'-2" long x 8'-10" high at the front. The booth walls and roof can be 1/2" to 2" carbon steel.  The standard wall and roof thickness is 3/4" and the floor is 1/2" thick (other thicknesses available). The roof of the booth is pitched away from the doors and the top surface of the roof is coated with heat reflective paint. Heating and air-conditioning are provided. Fluorescent lights are included as well as an electrical distribution panel.

Inner shield walls are hinged to provide clearance for installation and maintenance of the PCM and there is a hinged plate over the exit door to provide the required opening height for the PCM. This booth features a storm door entry and exit.

Traffic flows from a possibly contaminated area to the frisking station and finally to the clean exit. A support tube on back wall provides for additional shielding using Lead Wool Blankets.

Three service penetrations, lifting pads for handling by crane and provisions for lifting with a large fork lift are included.