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Seismically Qualified Perma-Con® Enclosure System

Project Scope:

  • AVLIS prototype testing requires a large isotope containment enclosure.  Containment enclosure to meet seismic load requirements for Oak Ridge site, and be easily assembled and deconnable.
  • Containment certified to meet 0.4 inches water column negative pressure and have maximum in-situ air infiltration of less than 300 CFM.
  • Automatic air damper system to preclude leakage upon power loss.
  • On-site compliance certification testing required for air tightness.


  • RPS designs and delivers a modular panel enclosure measuring 16' wide x 28' long x 12' high.
  • Modular panels are modified to incorporate seismic bracing to meet site criteria.
  • Pneumatic damper control system for power failure closure of air dampers.
  • Welding performed IAW AWS Structural Welding Code D1.1 (Certified Welders).
  • Certificate of compliance issued after successful on-site testing.