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Lower Reactor DOT Shipping Container

Project Scope:

  • Design and manufacture an IP-2 metal canister in which to load and ship the DTE Fermi 1 Lower Reactor Vessel (LRV).


  • RPS supplied structural design and analysis to certify the canister as IP-2 compliant, radiological engineering to ensure canister dose rates would meet 49 CFR 173.441 requirements, and provided for fabrication.
  • Ultimately, the conceptual design and dose rates proved to be very consistent with the final design and the as-shipped dose rates.  The conceptually modeled dose rates were 25 mRem/hr contact (side of canister) and 5 mRem/hr at 2 meters.  As shipped dose rates were 23 mRem/hr on the side of the canister and 2.5 mRem/hr at 2 meters.
  • The container was 175” long x 128” diameter.  The conceptual gross weight was 302K lbs. and final as shipped weight was 336K lbs.