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TA54 FRP Box Line Project Modular Panel Containment System (MPCS)

Project Scope:

  • Provide a prefabricated, modular paneled enclosure to support the characterization, size reduction, and repackaging of oversized TRU fiberglass reinforced waste boxes.
  • Enclosure designed using IBC methodology including seismic forces. Facility was classified as a Performance Category 1 SSC for natural phenomena hazards.
  • Largest Perma-Con® constructed to date, free span of 48 feet.
  • Enclosure was erected in a weather protective dome on top of an asphalt pad. Coordinated enclosure anchorage plan with new concrete foundation design to distribute facility ground loads.
  • Provide an electrical lighting design and associated hardware.
  • Integrated interface for ventilation, fire protection, and other utilities.
  • Provide onsite engineering support during the construction phase of this project.


  • This 48’ wide x 112’ long x 18’ tall modular panel containment system was fabricated and delivered on schedule in 17 weeks.
  • Mechanical assembly took approximately 5 weeks.
  • Maintained a project specific quality plan that addressed specific QA requirements of the contract.