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Negative Pressure Component-Servicing Gloved Enclosure

Project Scope:

  • Design and build a portable negative pressure chamber to control the spread of contamination while servicing the internals of a vacuum cleaner used for the pickup of radioactive particulate matter.
  • Provide a bag-out port for the disposal of radioactive waste and cleaning products.
  • Allow two people to work simultaneously on the vacuum cleaner from opposite sides of the chamber.
  • Incorporate an onboard HEPA-filtered ventilation unit (Model SP-125A) to remove and filter air from the enclosure.  Fresh air is drawn through a gravity damper inlet above the access door.
  • Include threaded through-wall fittings for client-installed high-pressure spray rinsing wands (by others).
  • Perforated S/S work surface and gravity sump for liquid evacuation.


  • T304 stainless steel shell, ports for high pressure spray, single point 110V power feed, and convenience receptacles.
  • Components are placed on a perforated S/S work surface.
  • Gasket-sealed door provides access for placement of components into the enclosure.
  • Windows are mounted in channel-rubber gasket.
  • 125 CFM HEPA-filtered ventilation unit maintains negative pressure within the enclosure.
  • Make-up inlet ventilation air louvre with backdraft damper and internal spray shield.
  • Exterior-mounted fluorescent fixture shines through light port in roof of enclosure.
  • Drum pass port (vertical) with hinged gravity-positioned cover.
  • Unit is mounted on locking casters for ease of movement.
  • The internal corners are coved to eliminate crud traps and facilitate cleaning.