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Demister Housing with Demister Element

Project Scope:

  • Filter and collect fine-mist droplets from a process-gas stream.
  • Accommodate flow rates of 125 cfm to 10,000 cfm.


  • The demister housing is comprised of three separate components: 1) lower housing, 2) demister-element clamping frame (which locks the element against a welded shelf inside the lower housing), and 3) upper housing.
  • Upper and lower housings are joined with bolting flanges.
  • Both ends of the assembled housing are flanged (see Figure 1) to standard ANSI sizes for field-bolting into the gas-stream.
  • All components are fabricated from Type-304 stainless steel with a #4 finish on all exterior surfaces.  Other construction alloys are available upon request.
  • Demister housing can be oriented horizontally or vertically as depicted in Figure 2 below.
  • Dimensional specifications of the RPS demister housing/element can be sized to accommodate the requirements of any gas-flow system.