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Solvent and Powder Dispensing Station

Project Scope:

  • Dispensing station is self-contained and portable.
  • Provides particulate capture and carbon adsorption of solvents released during drum dispensing operations.
  • Designed for operation in a Class 1, Div. II hazardous location.
  • The dispensing station can extract 100-700 CFM airflow, adjustable by a variable frequency drive.
  • Captured air flows through an integrated pre-filter and a carbon adsorber before being exhausted back into the room.


  • A heavy-duty stand with locking casters (two rigid, two swivel) allows unit to be easily transported.
  • The rear slotted intake panel is easily and safely disassembled for cleaning, allowing it to be wiped down.
  • 304 stainless steel construction with a #4 finish on all exposed surfaces.
  • 24” x 24” x 18” high-capacity carbon adsorber, rated 1250 CFM @ 1.75"wg., gasket seal on one side, optional HEPA filtration is also available.
  • MERV-8 pleated-panel pre-filter, 30% efficient.
  • Motor is 1 HP.
  • Magnehelic gage 0-3” wc.
  • Dimensions (approx.): 35” x 52” x 72”.
  • Blower speed is controlled by a variable frequency drive.
  • Stop/Start pushbuttons and a red ‘Fault’ indicator light.
  • Residence time is 1.61 seconds at 100 CFM, and 0.23 seconds at 700 CFM.