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VC-2000 HEPA Ventilation & Cooling Unit

Project Scope:

  • Provide 5-7 tons of recirculatory cooling along with air polishing in a compact and portable ventilation unit.
  • As an option, the discharge can be supplied with a single-point flexible duct connection to allow for the cooled-and-polished air to be discharged directly to the work area.


  • The cooling unit may be used as a stand-alone 2000 CFM HEPA filtered air handler for recirculating and polishing air in a specific area. 
  • Chilled water is not necessary for the unit to run and is only needed in heat-removal application.
  • In order to achieve approximately 6 tons of cooling, the unit’s cooling coil must be supplied with 50°F water at 12 gallons per minute.
  • If chilled water is not available RPS can provide a stand-alone portable water chiller that will match the requirements of the VC-2000.
  • The unit includes a HEPA and pre-filter for the air, a chilled-water cooling coil, a condensate sump with an automatic pump for moisture collected on the cooling coil, a blower/motor assembly controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and four adjustable discharge louvers to provide direction for the return air.