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SCAPS - Self-Contained Air Processing System for Cask Recoating Project

Project Scope:

  • Contaminated air needed to be removed from the main containment during a fuel storage cask recoating project and replaced with HEPA-filtered conditioned air.


  • RPS was first tasked with performing a ventilation evaluation and shielding analysis to prescribe the airflow rates and filtration, predict shielding performance, and identify critical shielding locations.
  • RPS then developed a detailed ventilation design that included a series of ventilation components to be installed in a sea land container to filter contaminated air being removed from the main containment and return cool, dry air back to the containment.
  • During the plan design, a strong concern was uncovered regarding the explosive nature of the blast grit and existing coating when aerosolized.  This resulted in RPS to perform an analysis on the electrical hazards and help select the correct electrical classification along with hazard class boundaries.
  • The system is capable of moving up to 2,000 CFM of air, with 10 tons of cooling, dehumidification, robust filtration in the form a bag style dust collector, pre-filters, and dual HEPA filters.
  • It can be located up to one hundred feet from the project and has a single point electrical connection.