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TRU/Alpha Waste Treatment Perma-Con® and Gloved Enclosure System

Project Scope:

  • Box breakdown area for characterization, initial sorting and processing of boxed large component Transuranic and high-alpha contaminated materials.
  • Perma-Con® includes personnel airlock and three material confinement chambers designed to allow segregated operations, or to function together as an integrated engineered control under negative pressure.
  • Includes engineered control link to gloved enclosure containment processing system. 
  • Design considerations for decommissioning, as well as assembly and operations.


  • Complete “dry run” assembly off-site prior to delivery.
  • Seismic qualification on structure.
  • 5 Ton monorail hoist.
  • B25 Bag-in/Bag-out port.
  • Air operated bi-fold doors and electric roll-up door.
  • Strippable floor and wall coating for decontamination and waste minimization at decommissioning.
  • Integrated interfaces with utilities, gloved enclosures, HEPA filtration systems, and fire suppression system.