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TRU Waste Sorting Perma-Con® System

Project Scope:

  • Provide primary sorting station with secondary and tertiary containment facilities to support the examination and re-packaging of TRU waste to meet WIPP WAC.
  • KWI acted as prime contractor with site preparation, electrical design, and erection/installation labor for the containment systems. RPS was the design, build agent for the 3 containments.


  • RPS provides a turn-key containment system for installation in an existing client facility.  The performance based specification included the integration of existing HEPA ventilation equipment and a special waste handling system.
  • Primary Containment System:
    The primary containment sorting system was of stainless steel construction capable of receiving 350 lb. bags of TRU waste, sorting the waste, and repackaging it for shipment.  Specifications required the containment not be designed as safety related, but utilize commercially available equipment to the greatest extent possible.
  • Secondary Containment System:
    The secondary containment system consists of a pre-engineered, self framing, stainless steel modular building commercially available as Perma-Con®.
  • Tertiary Containment System:
    The tertiary containment is similar in design to the secondary (Perma-Con®) system, but was sheathed in galvanized steel.
  • The three boundary system was designed so that the capture velocity air flow and progressively greater negative pressures (lowest being the primary) controlled and mitigated the spread of contamination.