Legacy HEU Recovery System

Specifically designed to support uranium recovery operations, this multi-function ventilation machine may be operated in two modes:
1) Negative HEPA Filtration, and 2) Negative system purge with material recovery.

When used in HEPA Filtration Mode for contamination control, the radial blower provides up to 1000 CFM at 4 in.wg. with an 8 inch flexible duct attachment. For HEU vacuum purging and material collection a powerful regenerative blower provides up to 210 CFM at 30 in.wg. lift capability.  Incoming air is routed through a high efficiency cyclone separator (85% eff@1µM) and HEPA filtered exhaust. The cyclone separator includes a removable critically safe collection container for capture of the uranium. A proximity switch automatically stops the collection system when the container reaches a predetermined level. The system is mounted on a stainless steel mobile cart for ease of handling, and operates from a single power source.


  • 1000 CFM HEPA Filtration Unit
  • 200 CFM High D/P Purge Blower
  • 75 Inch WG Vacuum Lift
  • High Efficiency Cyclone Separator for Material Recovery
  • NRTL Certified
  • UL Labeled Control System
  • Critically Safe Design

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