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Radiation Protection Systems, now part of Alpha Safety, has been developing and implementing engineered controls for radiological and hazardous material applications since 1978.  Our clients include every U.S. and Canadian Commercial Nuclear Utility, every major U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) site, U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Universities, pharmaceutical and biopharma research, and manufacturing companies.  Our roots are in both military and civilian nuclear programs commencing with development of the Naval nuclear programs of the 1950’s and continuing into the commercial power reactor field.  Today RPS continues to provide quality equipment and methods to confine, contain and control radioactive and hazardous contaminants. 

Engineering Controls are defined as devices, systems, and/or controls that will preclude the release of a hazardous material or substance to the workplace or environment, thereby protecting the worker and the population in general from a hazardous exposure.  Engineered Controls are designed to integrate or complement a work process or operation, such that the controls function without inhibiting the work process and may enhance the work process when compared to utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE).

One major engineering control is the use of RPS portable High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems and carbon adsorber systems.  When used properly, these systems effectively control contamination at its source, eliminate the spread of contaminants, and minimize exposure of personnel while increasing safety and efficiency.  Our ventilation products are based on criteria set by the ACGIH Industrial Ventilation Standards, the Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook as well as the extensive experience of RPS personnel.  When designed in accordance with these criteria and applied using accepted containment practices, a portable HEPA ventilation system is less costly and can be more effective than personal respiratory protection devices.

RPS also offers engineered controls in the form of custom enclosures, buildings and shielding systems for worker and environmental protection.  With today’s increased pressure to reduce exposure, RPS’ engineered controls offer a safe and cost-effective way to further minimize exposure while improving worker and workplace efficiency.  RPS offers equipment and custom integrated systems that make working in the radiological or hazardous workplace safer, easier and more efficient.

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