About RPS - We make working in the Radiological or Hazardous workplace safer, easier and more efficient

Radiation Protection Systems offers equipment and systems that make working in the Radiological or Hazardous workplace safer, easier and more efficient. Our clients include commercial companies such as AGFA, Florida International University, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and government/industrial clients such as the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense and the commercial Electric Nuclear Utilities.

RPS has been developing and implementing Engineering Controls and Systems since 1978. Participating in both military and civilian nuclear programs commencing with development of the Naval nuclear programs of the 1950's and continuing to develop sophisticated techniques and engineering methods to confine, contain and control hazardous contaminants.

Engineering Controls...

Engineering Controls are defined as devices, systems and/or controls that will preclude the release of a hazardous material or substance to the workplace or environment, thereby protecting the worker and the population in general from a hazardous exposure. Engineered Controls are designed to integrate or complement a work process or operation, such that the controls function without inhibiting the work process and may enhance the work process when compared to utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE).

...inherently make the workplace safer by incorporating protective systems into the work process.

One significant engineered control is portable air filtration systems. When used properly, air cleaning systems effectively control contamination at its source, eliminate the spread of contaminants and minimize exposure of personnel while increasing safety and efficiency. Our air filtration systems are effective in removal of airborne biohazards such as Anthrax and other hazardous materials that are spread through the air.

Our modular panel containment systems (Perma-Con®) offer fast erection, a reusable design and are the industry standard for remediation and decontamination & decommissioning projects. Our personnel protection products include custom hoods, workstations and decontamination systems and other products designed to protect the worker and the environment.

Our complete line of hardware products is designed to improve working in radiological and hazardous environments. With today's increased pressure to reduce exposure and respirator usage, RPS' engineered controls offer a safe and cost-effective way to minimize exposure and improve worker and workplace efficiency.

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Main Office:
60 Leonard Drive, P.O. Box 890, Groton, CT 06340
Tel: 860.445.0334; Fax: 860.446.1876; Toll Free: 888.637.7779


US Sales Manager:
Art Soma
Tel: 614.725.7929


Canada Sales Manager:
Celeste Van Rensburg
Tel: 289.668.7272



Products and Services Identification:

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Product Codes:
2013 NAICS Code & Description:

332322: Dampers, Ducts, Fittings, Dust Collectors, Pollution Control
333413: Air Filters
332313: Nuclear Shielding, Airlocks, Hoods
339113: Radiation Shielding
326191 & 332999: Shower Stalls, Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal
326220: Flex Hose, Flex Duct
332311: Prefabricated Metal Buildings & Component Manufacturing (Perma-Con®)
541330: Consulting Engineering Services
541380: Radiation Testing Laboratories
562211: Rad Waste Disposal Facilities
238220: Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioner Contractors
423730: Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541620: Environmental Consulting Services
541340: Drafting Services

Federal Supply Codes (FSC):

3694: Clean Work Stations, Controlled Environment
4140: Fans, Air Recirculators and Blower Equipment
4460: Air Purification Equipment
5420: Prefabricated and Portable Buildings
5411: Rigid Wall Shelters
5450: Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures

8145: (FSG 37671) Radioactive Material Shipping/Storage Containers

Federal Government Information:

We are registered with the “Central Contractor Registration” (http://www.dlis.dla.mil/ )
Our identification by Cage Code: 3HFL4


Credit cards we accept: VISA, Master Card, American Express.
NOTE: Credit card payments of $10,000 or more will be subject to a 3% processing fee.
RPS has a minimum order value of $100.00.

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