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HEU Downblend Processing Facility

View our informative video on the operation of a Perma-Con® system with a Negative Pressure Enclosure.

Project Scope:

  • HEU orphaned materials required down-blending to meet requirements for transportation, reprocessing, and disposition.
  • Materials required a high level of isolation, containment, special handling, and special processing due to the nature of their constituents.


  • RPS acted as the prime contractor for this turn-key containment and processing facility, and was the lead design agency for the containment, air, control, and safety systems.
  • RPS lead a team of sub-contractors for engineering, erection, and acceptance testing of the facility and systems.
  • Project facility and systems included:
  • Modular panel containment (MPC) enclosure, a secondary containment processing facility.
  • Negative pressure enclosure (NPE), a gloved enclosure primary containment HEU processing.
  • Fire suppression & control systems for both the MPC & NPE.
  • Cryogenic hi-shear blender integration and support systems in the NPE for LN2 and N2.
  • Backdraft hood for material receipt inspection and preparation.
  • MPC HEPA filtration unit, controls, and duct systems.
  • NPE HEPA/HEGA filtration and PID control systems.
  • Material handling and operations equipment for process control.
  • Project fast tracked and completed in 5 months.