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F-Canyon TRU Waste Repack Facility Perma-Con® System

Project Scope:

  • Modification of the F-Canyon access bay (Cat 1 facility) to convert to a radiological containment area suitable for repackaging TRU waste materials.
  • Handling of standard large waste boxes and other heavy materials required cranes to be installed in the area.
  • Integrate the containment walls, support structures, gantry cranes, and air-locks into the access bay of an existing structure and meet seismic criteria.
  • Design air flow controls and paths to maintain progressively decreasing negative pressures across containment cells or zones while maintaining the design air exchange rates.
  • Large, air-tight doors between containment cells for material handling (SLB-II’s).
  • Validate the location of air control dampers to optimize air flow patterns.


  • 3D models of the structure were prepared for integration and flow analysis.
  • Computational Fluid Design® air flow modeling performed to validate air flow through the facility.
  • Custom stainless steel bi-fold air-tight doors designed to facilitate contamination control (Pu238 highly active self migrating).
  • Three air-lock cells with material and personnel passages were integrated into the access bay of the canyon.
  • Site acceptance testing performed to ascertain air flow requirements were met.