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Critical-path Torus Re-coat Project

Project Scope:

  • Provide a temporary ventilation system to support this critical-path torus re-coat project.
  • Design to support grit blasting, application of the new coating system, and accelerated curing to ensure critical-path performance.
  • Design, fabricate/procure system components, supervise installation, and provide ongoing engineering support for the coating operations.


  • Maintained a sufficient air-exchange rate within the torus to minimize the airborne DAC levels.
  • Maintained the torus volume at a lower negative pressure relative to the torus room and the floors above.
  • Generated a sufficient capture velocity across the manway access to minimize the migration of contamination across that boundary.
  • Controlled temperature and humidity to support the coating application and minimize the cure time.
  • All system objectives were achieved for this critical-path project with no malfunctions or time lost.