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Self-Cleaning Vent Unit for Plant Decommissioning

Project Scope:

  • Control metal fumes generated by steel cutting operations.
  • Personnel protection from Hexavalent Chromium and other contaminants.
  • Maintain high air quality during plasma arc cutting and other similar thermal cutting processes.
  • Significantly increase both HEPA an pre-filter life; reducing waste volume and downtime needed for filter change-out.


  • Totally self-contained unit with self-cleaning, ultra-high efficiency pre-filters specifically designed to capture metal cutting fumes.
  • 5000 cfm airflow capacity, fully adjustable by variable frequency drive system; shut down not required during filter cleaning.
  • System uses state-of-the-art reverse pulse jet cleaning technology sized considerably smaller than comparable cartridge-type dust collectors.
  • Dimensions are 10’L x 4’W x 9’H (nominal).  Integrated onto a steel cart w/ casters and lifting lugs.
  • Two high-capacity V-BED HEPA filters, rated 2300 CFM @ 1.0” sp. wg. (each).
  • Inline, low-loss spark suppressor protects system filters.