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SCAPS - Self-Contained Air Processing System for Cavity Ventilation

Project Scope:

  • Brunswick Nuclear Plant had the need for a portable “plug-and-play” cavity-ventilation system.  The goals of this system were to simplify ventilation system deployment for outage operations, provide a safe pathway for personnel, and for consolidation/storage when not in use.


  • RPS designed a custom system capable of total 12,000 CFM of HEPA filtered air with four independent HEPA filtration units mounted inside a ‘Sea-Land’ - type shipping container.
  • The container was customized to accommodate the four ventilation units, interior lighting, supply & exhaust duct (with muffler), flexible ducting (with top-mounted storage for large diameter duct), a duct deployment ‘bridge’, and electrical controls with a single point electrical connection.  Shelving was included for spare filter storage.
  • The deployment ‘bridge’ was designed to extend over a passage area when needed.  Flexible duct would be ‘draped’ across the bridge and over 90 degree, radius forming attachments meant to reduce the chance of duct collapse.  Bridge supports were hinged in order to pass over an adjacent handrail.