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PIT-9 Demonstration Project Perma-Con® System

Project Scope:

  • “Retrieval Confinement Structure” to provide high integrity contamination confinement during radioactive waste excavation operations.
  • Structure of modular design for ease of assembly, disassembly, and relocation.
  • Confinement enclosure must meet site specific wind and seismic load requirements for INEEL site.
  • Confinement building designed and tested to withstand 4” water gage negative pressure without failure.
  • Confinement provides integral interface for externally mounted gloved enclosures and excavator.
  • QC implemented for materials, welding, inspection and testing.


  • RPS designs a high performance modular panel enclosure measuring 27' wide x 52' long x 24' high, with an auxiliary room 16’ wide x 47’ long x 12’ high.
  • Modular panel system incorporates seismic structural requirements, fast erection, and ease of decontamination.  Confinement is erected on-site in 2.5 weeks.
  • OSHA compliant cat-walk system for roof access.
  • Integrated fire protection, service air, dust suppression, and utility service systems.