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Waste Sorting & Containment Perma-Con® System

Project Scope:

  • Examine mixed waste contained in 55 gallon drums and in standard waste boxes.  Open, inspect, sort, and repack waste materials into 55 gallon drums.  Operations require primary and secondary contamination containment systems and negative air pressures for personnel and environmental protection.
  • Task required a turn-key contract for design, manufacture, and delivery of the facility, waste sorting stations, and material handling equipment within a 3 month period.


  • RPS engineered, designed and manufactured a modular panel containment facility and (2) radioactive mixed sorting stations with handling equipment. 
  • Modular containment facility:
    • 29’ long x 24’ wide x 12’ high (2) room containment building with air-lock access control.
    • Work areas divided into sort station, loading room, and sorting and repack operations room.
    • Inter-room access for personnel and through-wall installation of sorting stations.
    • Negative air ventilation system for facility and sorting stations.
  • Mixed waste sorting stations:
    • Dual sorting stations for increased through-put.
    • Dual waste input capability with 55 gallon drum waste input port and large material loading station for SWB waste materials.
    • Station 1: (4) Waste drum bag-outs, (7) personnel stations.
    • Station 2: (3) Waste drum bag-outs, (6) personnel stations.
    • Raised work platforms for operations personnel.
    • Drum lifting/rotating units for waste-in drum handling.
    • Drum elevators with turntables for drum bag-out stations.