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Brunswick Mobile Shield Wall

Project Scope:

  • Provide a removable shield wall to replace existing high density concrete block bioshield wall during scheduled outage.


  • RPS designed, engineered, and delivered the eight panel wall with track.  Each panel weighs approximately 5,000 pounds and is fabricated using 2” of sheet lead and 5” polyethylene and borated polyethylene for neutron shielding.
  • Gamma and neutron dose rate reduced to less than 1 mrem/hr. on backside of wall, exceeding concrete block bioshield wall attenuation.
  • Exposure saving estimated to be 33 man-rem for removal of wall alone.
  • 750 man-hours saved on critical path by avoiding the dismantling and reassembly of block wall.
  • Capable of being moved quickly and placed in temporary storage not to interfere with outage personnel traffic flow.
  • Seismically qualified for permanent installation.


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