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Metal Recycling Facility Perma-Con® and Hood System

Project Scope:

  • Specialized containment systems required to support a proprietary hazardous waste recycling technology, Quantum-Catalytic Extraction Processing (Q-CEP):
    • Containment for depleted Uranium Hexafluoride pilot processing plant.
    • Containment for feed materials preparation for production processing.

RPS provides turn-key facility design services and delivers two modular panel containment facilities, supporting HEPA filtration systems and support equipment.

  • Demonstration containment facility (16' wide x 24' long x 12' high) including:
    • Stainless steel walls and floor liner.
    • 12' high x 24' long clear panel wall for maximum visual observation.
    • Capture velocity air flow hood with elevator system for sample preparation.
    • Explosion proof electrical service outlets.
    • 12' wide x 4' long x 8' high air-lock for access control.
    • Twin, stacked 1000 CFM HEPA filtration units for CV Hood & containment negative pressure control.
    • Project management and cost control expertise applied.
  • Feed materials preparation containment facility (15' wide x 36' long x 13' high with 16' high bay area containment) including:
    • Stainless steel walls.
    • 11 gage, 4" deep, stainless steel sump tank floor liner.
    • 15' wide x 16' high removable wall section for equipment access.
    • Sliding door for feed materials access.
    • 8' wide x 9' long x 8' high air-lock for access control.
  • RPS designs, delivers and erects both facilities on time to support a fast-track project schedule and meet milestones.