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Sample Sink Shield


This Sample Sink Shield is 1/2" lead encased in stainless steel with a base plate to spread the floor load. It is a floor to ceiling shield with a heavy duty roller-on-track system for the sliding doors. Each shield wall consists of an upper set of rolling leaded doors that allow access to either the water or gas sample. The lower half of the shield is a series of leaded doors that allow access to the sample heat exchangers, pumps and valves. There are a series of flip-up panels at the top of the doors that show lights indicating which pumps are running. It features easy grasp latches for all hinged doors, optional panel lights if required, optional small Lexan covered openings aligned on indicator lights, and optional remote panels with indicator lights and switches on the personnel side of the shield.

Technicians were working in a constant 40mR field while doing their sampling before this shield reduced it to less than 2mR.