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Steam Generator HEPA-Vacuum Filtration System

The Steam Generator HEPA-Vacuum Filtration Unit (S/G HEPA-Vac Unit) is a compact, highly portable, industrial quality source of air cleaning. It gets close to the job, eliminating long runs of flex ducting and the associated loss of system performance.  The S/G HEPA-Vac Unit operates in either the vertical or horizontal position.  The unique design provides durability and requires less space than comparably rated platform models.

The S/G HEPA-Vac Unit is designed to work with the steam generator vacuum system.


  • Integrally-mounted stainless steel filter housing and frame assembly with two wheels in a hand truck configuration.
  • 10 HP, 3 phase, totally enclosed fan-cooled motor.
  • Direct-drive ring compressor, rated at 376 CFM @ 10" static pressure water gage (sp.wg.) and 135 CFM @ 100" sp.wg.
  • Metal framed, 14 inch2 HEPA filter x 17 inches long, rated at 300 CFM @ 1" sp.wg., 99.97% efficient for 0.3 micron particles.  Aerosol tested at 100% and 20% of rated flow.
  • Filter is easily changed by bagging the filter, loosening the quarter-turn clamps and pulling the filter into the bag.  The bag is then sealed for disposal.
  • Blower discharges to a muffler.
  • 0-10" sp. wg. minihelic differential pressure gage.
  • Manual starter switch with thermal overload protection, 10' power cord.
  • Unit is capable of operating in either the vertical or horizontal position.
  • Nominal dimensions: 60" L x 23" W x 26" H. Weight: 350lbs.
  • Electrical Rating: 240/480V, 23/11.5A at full load.

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